One Universal Truth

Authoritarian Theocracy fights,
Populist Democratic rights.

Exclusionary nationalism ejaculates,
derogatory jingoistic ooze, seeding hate.

There is only one right,
universal necessity provided.
While tangents may divert temporarily,
their teleological goals must be right.

There is only one truth,
and it exists beyond our choice.
You are all, and they are me,
We are we, and I am you.

Do not negate yourself unintentionally through selfishness.
In looking to elevate your wealth, forgetting to help....without expectation.

It really is easy to understand the basics consciously.
There is no need to run, for fear of the infinite.
It is true that some look, but they do not find,
but the universal object is simply mankind.

Fundamental empathy, the basis of wisdom.
Utilitarianism the rational scale.
Natural law leaving universal clues.
Universal Humanism for accountability and civilization.

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