Suppression or Free Will

While I sit in the Arizona desert
Looking up at the untainted stars
I contemplate a well known theory

I build a refutation of a well know theory
A theory I was studying earlier at sunset
Looking up with a sense of inquiry

Why would I ever believe that an ultimate suppression
An ultimate suppression would ever lead to freedom

How could I ever accept the annihilation of desire
As the stones that will start the fire of my essence

It is absurd, absurd…it is so absurd
Believing that suppressing nature is the path to freedom

If you have a desire and will
If you understand your limited options
If you know you could, or you should
Whichever way you go
You did know
Whichever way you choose
You are responsible to the extent you knew

It is not your duty, to defeat your natural instinct
It is not your duty, to fully negate your desire
There is a delicate balance to be had
Survival relies on that

Your freedom of will lies in your knowledge
Your freedom of will grows by destroying ignorance
Knowing your possibilities is how one becomes freer
Knowing the different ways you can be

Kant can bite my ass with his ultimatum
Such a great mind, so far off for mankind

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