The Anti-Jesus Story

Jesus was born as the ultimate symbol
The ultimate symbol of altruism
During his life he tried his best
To do the right thing and be virtuous

He was persecuted and tortured as the story goes
To take away the innate corruption in our souls
He was killed, and his life ended, to cleanse everything
Instead of a scapegoat offering like the Egyptians made
Mankind gets the equivalent of a scape-human being
It’s not necessary to know religion to be good and free

The other day I started thinking about the story of Jesus diametrically
The other day I was thinking about the movie The Devil’s Advocate
I began to think about the absolute opposite of the sacrificial lamb
I began to think about the anti-Jesus story of the land

Instead of persecution the anti-Jesus is praised
By the masses of people he is acclaimed
Instead of altruism, he’s an advocate of anarchy
Instead of altruism, he’s an advocate of egoism

Instead of a sacrifice of life, his story centers around
The creation of life as a symbol of pleasure abound
Instead of redemption through the loss of life as a scapegoat
The anti-Jesus represents corruption through the birth of it’s own

When I say corruption, I’m using Jesus’ morality
But when we free ourselves from this we begin to truly see
The anti-Jesus we have criminalized
Is Mother Nature who takes longer to write

Her religion that is buried deep within your genes
Her rhythm of life that murders and thieves
Her rhythm of life that helps her allies
Her rhythm of life through pain and cries

Your truth lies in social context consensus
Your truth lies in your sub-conscious being
No it’s not the truth that comes to an end
It’s the moment to moment truth your character represents

So when you have a child, think to yourself
This is my pleasure, and symbol of health
I’m virtuous in Mother Nature’s eyes
She doesn’t mind if I have fun with my life
Survival of my species is written in my genes
I don’t need dictation to be an altruistic being

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