Divide Them Into Two, Divide Them Into Three

Articulate human mathematical tendencies;
realize the basic categories.

Divide them into two groups.
Two groups of exclusion and inclusion.
Two groups of dividers, and providers.
Two basic mathematic tendencies,
one destructive, and one of creativity.

The destructive group unites over the exclusion of another.
The destructive people cannot survive without an enemy.
They define themselves by the incessant negation of the other.
Their identity a void, they refuse the work it takes to grow.

The group of inclusion tries to realize an elusive universal,
they listen close to whispers of history to understand,
to understand the profound and useful, everywhere it emerges,
to coalesce in a new utility with the flavor of all humanity.

Divide them into three groups.
Three groups of ego, tolerance, and scrutiny.
Three groups of selfishness, apathy, and infinity.
Three basic human categorical divisions,
one of intrusion, one of inclusion, and one of attention.

The group of selfish ego expands opportunistically.
They become arrogant and self absorbed,
addicted to fantasy in a paramount masturbation,
reality becomes a stumbling block in front of their copulation.

The group of tolerance relaxes in apathy.
They dull their articulate possibilities,
though they do not submit, they also do not stand,
they are not addicted to masturbation, they just relax.

The group of scrutiny feels the pain of error,
admitting mistakes, and adopting new ideas.
Ego and confidence are always subject to devastation,
as an opportunity to grow, their flaws lead to illumination.

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