Contingent Redundancy

As a child everything is in question
As we become early adults how can we not desire
A somewhat useable, contrived structure
A pseudo platform to elevate our senses higher….than they were

Building our platforms into skyscrapers
Skyscrapers of our own architectural design
We climb our skyscrapers into outer space
Into planets and solar systems that we create

Subjectivity is the destruction of the dream we are so happy to will
Objectivity works the black magic of external contingencies
A synthesis of the two is resolution of solipsism and empiricism
A realization of the boundaries is the complex “truth” we seek

It happened to me
I made it happen
It happened to you
You happened to me

Contingent redundancy
Mundane interplay
External vs. Internal
Reflectors and attractors

Though you think you have a one sentence question
You cannot go on thinking you can have a one sentence answer
In fact the very question you propose is but a natural fiction

Where questions and answers merge in a perception free singularity
Your questions, your answers, your perception and anxieties
Your moment to moment, your lack

Will all be resolved in a synthesis of what wasn’t, and what is

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