Exponential Learning Curve

I am finally starting to get to a level
Where I truly love the work I’m doing
I do not think it is fair to me
That it took twenty years to see

When you are younger it seems that you can never reach
The level that the people around you are living
Guaranteed despair
It is so not fair

In the beginning, all you do is pay
Humiliation, and pity compliments
In the beginning, illusion is the key
It seems like no one can be

When I sit and think to myself
Sometimes I wish to give them help
I wish it was easier for them in their earlier times
Than an exponential curve that keeps them behind

I feel so sad, that a lot of our young artists live in despair
A despair that says they will never be there

I try my best
To alleviate
I show my garbage work
I show my curve

Help out the younger generations
Show the stupid work you have done
Your humble nature relieves their despair
You have the ability to make it more fair

No matter what, the first years are so tough
It truly has to be a love
Or at least you have to be O.C.D.
To push through the sludge

I know I have done all I can do
To alleviate as much despair from you younger creators
Just remember, the first years are the slowest and hardest
Just keep working unconsciously

When you get older, all your work will be good
You wont even have to try
Just keep doing unconsciously
You will have no choice but to fly

Be the most noble of all the people around
Be a creative, entertaining, and altruistic
Work until you understand
That you finally have it in hand

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