Delusional Opportunity

Conservative, conservative
Learning is not allowed, you have to “know”
“Knowing” is believing, deception is seeing
Madness, and subjectivity become feigned reality

Learning and change gave them the printing press.
Science and mathematics gave them the church building.
The confused, and arrogant default to their position.
Overly confident in their opportunistic imposition.

The desire to submit is a conservative “value”
Submission is not authentic understanding.
Without understanding there can be no true value.
Without reasons for support, the tendency is to delude.

Why assume the pursuit of happiness is unquestionably paramount?
Why assume the quality of happiness is the same in every person?

A happiness contrived, by a person of no reflection, cannot be compared,
to a person who achieves satisfaction overcoming obstacles inherent.
When you understand how truth in the human mind is obtained,
then you understand that overcoming obstacles gives truth its name.

Just because you submit to ideals, handed to you by an “authority”;
just because your “happiness” seems good enough to you in apathy;
understand clearly the quality of your happiness could grow greatly;
if you are content and unquestioning, your happiness is a fantasy.

I agree completely apathy is the great bliss maker.
I agree completely the meek are happy.
I do not agree that they are happy-er.
I do not agree that they are the happiest.

They will never know, and they will never understand.
They will never understand the value of what they missed.
They will never be, in sincerity, or satisfaction.
They will never be in truth, annihilating delusional opportunity.

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