Invite the Devil In

If you want to hate me
I’ll give you the reasons now
I’m not even trying to dodge it
I can easily tell you how

I only care about myself
I only care about being productive
I don’t give a fuck about you
I don’t care about you and your destruction

You have the ability to produce
Production of destruction is the crime
You have the capability to be ambitious
You have the power to give value to your time

This is all I care about
I don’t stop to consider what you will say
I don’t even pass a fading glance
If it is destructive it is all in your day

It is so so easy to hate me
So many have before
All you have to be is unwilling to change
Just like me, we’ll take it to the floor

I will tell you this, and you might not believe
There is another type of person who I like to see

There is another type of person who will flex and bend
There is another type of person who can be a true friend

These are usually the people that you have a history with
These are usually the people that there is no mystery with

These people have the capability to damage my feeling
Because I care what they say, for them I want to be appealing

In short I would like to say
I’ll never come to see you
I’ll never come to see you unless I’m invited
I would not wish me upon you

I’ll never impose my production upon you
I’ll never change to make you feel safe
You have to invite me in just like the devil
Then we will clash and more than likely end in hate

I’m aware of the irony that this poem is destructive
It’s a reflection of social tension
It actually is productive for me
But it is probably something I shouldn’t mention

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