Master Imposition

Objectivity, agnosticism, subjectivity
are ideas a person understands in reality.

Graciousness and evil, perfection and failure
are ideas a person perpetuates in fantasy.

Footstomper, footstomper will you ever understand,
will you understand not everything has a measurable plan.

A wise man once said, and it has been said by a man of wisdom,
“It is easy to be certain, as long as you are sufficiently vague.”
If you do not choose to acknowledge polemics, reason and scrutiny, and falsifiability,
you reside in the arbitrary, in madness, delusion, illusion and subjectivity, exclusively.

Noble positioning
No fears
No fantasy

While it is possible we realists miss your Candy Land,
we understand what you sacrifice to partake in your meme.
The sacrifice is so great, you avoid the tangible,
so, like a drug addict, you can perpetuate your unreasonable.

Unreason, unreason, the producer of death and war.
Diplomacy dies a death of ignorance, tearing its heart from the core.
Irrationality that perpetuates suffering, euphoria, and addiction,
marching us realists straight to annihilation….by none of our perpetuation.

We know, and we see
We know you have negated humanity
Egoism, and arrogance,
kill the others who do not believe…….in your master imposition.

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