Thrown to the Wolves

The next war we will fight,
with any truth and honesty,
will be a war of class destruction,
a war of extinction of separation.

The world is not fair,
and if you believe this is all a test,
then it can make a bit of sense.

If we are tending toward an a priori imposition,
a morality which requires us to take care of us,
we are failing badly because of our selfish few,
who hoard the resources with no concern for you.

I do believe in the concept of private property,
but lets not be ridiculous about this.
From what I have witnessed so obviously,
is businessmen twisting truth with no ethics to be seen.

Are you productive? No? Throw them to the wolves.
They are no good for our industrial profits.
You did what before? So. You are useless now.
Grind them up and feed them to the lions.

Until we learn to take care of our own,
the fairness of life will not be shown.
Life is not fair, because man is not there,
and refuses to care about his world.

We have the ability,
to create a place where we can live comfortable.
A place of stability,
where we do not throw you to the wolves when you get old.

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