You might think it unrealistic
To build a foundation in idealism
You might think it irrational
To view your ends as utopian

I realize that many people claim to be idealists
The fact is that their ideas are not ideal
If you can work out your social structure mathematically
It is easier to see if your ideal is truly real

It might be true the ideal is unattainable in living
But you keep the vision as a point of interest
If you don’t have an unattainable goal to work toward
You have no unending road to support your progress

While I understand the importance of remaining in the real
I also recognize the significance of the nothing
There will always be more than things that exist in your mind
But those things that do exist provide you with the something

The major premise of your ideal
Must exist in the nothing
That’s the only way you can feign timelessness
The only way you can feign its being

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