Ask yourself this question, a question so very simple:
Do I believe in education?

When put this way, the anti-intellectuals are sure to say “yes”.
When put this way, they are not prepared for a contingent next.

Oh ye anti-intellectuals are the sole pillar for morals and value.
So, do you dare stand up and say, “We value education today!”

If I were to question, the qualifiers come into view.
If I were to question, it will not take long to contradict.

Scrutiny and falsifiability,
fundamentals of learning facts.
Rejection by anti-intellectuals,
a first cause negation of education.

Do not kid yourselves, you who claim to be of value,
you refuse to feel the pain of your error.
You are the first one to say, “Nobody is perfect.”,
yet you will never admit your own imperfection.


Those who understand, and learn the truth in fact,
pay a price in the disturbance of ego.
Those who refuse these tests of strength may never understand,
the price we pay in humility, while learning what we have in hand.

I really cannot believe any just deity exists,
that would respect any human that is an exclusionist.
How can there be any respect in a symmetrical justification,
For a creature who turns their back on their fellow inhabitants.

When you sell out the minds of other progressive humans,
when you masturbate incessantly to your constant negation.
Your failure inherent becomes a copulation of destruction,
Oh ye anti-intellectual, you will pay in an eternal humiliation.

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