Cultural Convergence

A righteous mind brought to my attention a common concern about culture.
She mentioned with passion, world peace is the death of beauty as we know.
I explained my position of objective mathematical convergence of value,
and she reacted in a belief of diametrically trapped romance and emotion.

Her idea was the blending of cultures destroys diversity.
She admitted we would fight, but for the sake of beauty.

While I did not reply extensively, I retorted sparingly.
Her inferences are annoying, and her outburst not surprising.

To take her position, you would have to believe;
no one culture is interesting in itself to contain beauty.

To take her position you would have to forget,
all the culture from the past, we sway to in our day to day.

The Greeks are gone, yet they survive strongly today,
they survive as individual culture, and blended in our ways.

I understand the diametrically opposed argument,
as I passed through it to gain my current stand, today.

The problem is the severe under evaluation of the very concept of beauty,
And an egoistic meme which unconsciously believes beauty is its property.

Using an unbiased mechanism to blend ideas and ideals,
only the ignorant will forget our history.
We can understand the concern of the anti-intellectuals,
for God’s sake, they may actually have to study the consensual.

I am so fucking sorry……

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