Letter to Hannity

Values, values, and your claim to what you think you know.
Everything is a choice to you; there is no other way to go.

I always laugh so confidently at conservatives,
conservatives who say, “I have values.”
What you fail to realize, is everybody has them,
survival is impossible without differentiation.

It would be clearer, more clear to say “I am right.”
What is more clearly underlined is “ I am ready to fight.”
You are ready to fight, for what you think is right,
for values you have been told are correct, without explanation.

When you read philosophy you can understand,
there is more than choice to being a good man.

Admitting you are wrong, and embracing change,
leaving even the most cherished values open for discussion.
Tending toward universality, and humanistic values,
these are positive ethics that the world actually needs for the future.

Nationalism is the failure of weak minds.
It is the failure of weak minds to determine their individual identities.

Nationalism is the tool of manifest democracy,
and it works so well on those with no ground to differentiate.

I always laugh so confidently at conservatives,
conservatives who think an open mind is valueless.
The fact is our values are too complex,
too complex for you to understand without the toolbox.

While you remain stuck in an arbitrary point in space,
we learn how to be better, in actuality.
We do not rely on exegesis, and opportunism,
we leave ourselves open to change, when in reason.

When you understand, there is no reason to make excuses.
When you understand, you realize the basic morality.
When you understand, you do not have to be told.
When you understand, you find yourself in the minority.

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