Chance and Reason

Chance, chance, it seems like a wonderful fact
We cannot predict just how things react

I use to hate it when people around me would say
“Everything happens for a reason you know.”

I would cringe
I would turn my nose up

But recently through philosophical searching
I started to realize the possibility
Those people that use to bother me
With their mysticism of the unseen….might be right

They are not right in the way they believe
That there exists a being that gives you meaning
But an underlying, uncomprehended fact of what they see
That everything is contingent, and happens for a reason

I want to take some examples I’ve been considering
Examples that might seem like chance occurrences

When I look up at the ceiling in my hotel room
I see the standard speckle pattern we all see
They used a flat hand tool to spread it around
Creating a “random” pattern of points and planes

You say chance
I say ignorance
Random just means not perceived
Not perceived by humanity

When the worker sprays the ceiling with the pointed specks
Some areas pile more than others
When the worker spreads the wet spray with his flat tool
You have to calculate the moves

How strong is his arm, and how flat his tool
How much force did he unconsciously use

How much spray accumulated in misunderstood events
We will call these “chance” and “randomness” out of ignorance

I do not mean the kind of ignorance with the chance of knowing
Ignorance with the impossibility that any human being will ever see

Ignorance with no possibility… this time
Ignorance with no responsibility
Ignorance with no accountability
Ignorance with no chance of being known

”Nothing” as we have named

The tools of perception we try to apply
To feelings, irrationality, and our God in the sky
Will continue to fail us and we will come to see
The answer to the universe lies in being

You will become the thing-in-itself
You will become one with the unperceived

Chance as you know will cease to exist
This will happen when perception ceases to persist
Exist, that is all you will do
Your body a symbol for others still trying to find you

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