Monster vs. Budweiser

Escape, escape or over stimulate.
Fall on your face, or get the shakes.

Life becomes too much for some people,
they want to forget, they want to flirt.

Monster, Monster, the way to accomplish,
the way to accomplish a focused attention.
Not to escape, but to build an attentive place,
where Budweiser would not understand to mention.

The King of Beers keeps his plebeians in check.
Keeping them trapped and liquidated.
Blocking the brain from its natural connections,
to forget about life and its orientation.

If you are going to bend your natural focus,
make sure it will be productive for you.
While you pay the price for either bend,
one can be quite a bit more costly for a man.

Focus, focus, forget about escape.
Build something permanent you don’t have to negate.
When you are satisfied and realistic,
you eliminate the desire to escape.

There is one catch, and I will tell you this:
Unless you have money, then, life is mundane.
Perhaps at this point its back to the beer.
I don’t know because I just arrived here.

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