Annihilate Romantic Memes, Not Romance

Romance, romance it always pains me to think,
about the destruction of diplomacy.

We have no chance, and we have no way,
to be diplomatic and perpetuate a romantic state.

The time has come for the intelligent to lead.
The time has come to separate love, and law.
The time has come for the contracts to constrain.
A conscious separation between the individual, and the state.

Meme controls
No control

Practicality is substantial, in diplomacy prudential.
Romance should be reserved, for relationships, and the sexual.
Let us place control on memes that naturally evolve.
Take the first steps, and separate the one, from the all.

Romance and beauty, are beautiful and romantic.
Law and necessity, are liberating while constraining.
I do not seek the annihilation of romance in love, and assurance.
I seek the annihilation of arrogance in law, seeded by the absurd.

Single, or pair
Assurance, acceptance

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