Electric Dreams

While on a road trip in Florida,
I was camping out at a rest stop.
I was messing around with my battery,
and I got the shock of a lifetime.

I sat down for a second,
to gather my thoughts again.
Then I went into my truck,
to get ready to go to bed.

I found myself thinking of fundamental thoughts profound.
I began organizing my camping gear.
I began placing everything in its own space,
I began knowing where things should be placed.

Later on that night, I started thinking about the shock.
I started thinking about electricity, electronics, and God
I felt a strong idea, not quite a voice, but a compelling drive.
I felt the knowledge, which would make mankind thrive.

I finally understood what was to be the final word.
I finally understood how to use electricity.
I was given the knowledge of an electric consciousness.
I was given the knowledge of a thinking consensus.

I understood implications of the calculations of the unconscious.
I understood what would be glaring tendencies,
by the masses with their innate nature,
by the masses universally and objectively.

I understood what would be come a consensual consciousness.
It came to me in an electric dream,
Shocking me into a higher realization and order,
showing me what was happening so obviously.

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