Used to Be

Moving forward through our younger years
Blind and confused

Reflecting on our younger years
With vision and confusion

Growing rapidly some of us push our boundaries
Raising the difficulty for others who want to try

Feeling no remorse we push them down
Keeping our own heads far above the sky

The sky is the limit
The limit of the ground
The ground that covers you
And those you push down

Growth for me, or suffocation for you
Selfish or selfish

Our minds expand like a red star that is distressed
Annihilating our satellites

Pushing our boundaries out into an articulated nothingness
Our intellects perform like a fine-tuned instrument

Our consciousness of consciousness allows us to see
An orchestra of beauty ready to be freed

The ground is the limit
The limit of the sky
The sky you used to see
The short time you used to be

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