Symbolism in the Moment

Did you ever get the feeling
Like you had done something before
Like you just did it again
And you cannot remember anymore

I’m a very free minded individual
Just ask me and I will tell you
I have no problems with creative philosophy
Let us see some absurd tangents through

It seems to me the concept on infinity
Is born though our finite minds
Maybe we actually lived those moments
But our instinct demands we forget the time

Though that sounds a little mystical
Just ask me I will tell you
How much is there that we do not know
How much is there that we cannot know

Here is one that is a little easier to digest
Maybe we live similar scenarios all through life
Because our lives are so monotonous
Because our possibilities are slight

We think we lived a moment before
Which is true as symbolism one hundred percent
Just because the names and the cloths have changed
Your mind perceives the moments as one and the same

I have been having a lot of these moment types lately
To many to be coincidence
I prefer the latter tangent
I prefer the infinite substance

I find it fun to believe
That at these moments we truly see
We truly see our infinite nature
Though that is not all we are
It definitely comes from within our center
And projects its way afar

When the doors of perception are cleansed
We see things through an infinite lense
We see the secrets behind the endless charade
We see the construction of how we are made

Truth to an end?
Objective history

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