Creativity and Acceptance

It seems to me in the world I live,
it seems that there are two types of minds.
Seemingly some desire to accept,
while the creative feel that is inept.

Those who accept, join with similar minds.
They believe for themselves, with benefits abound.
Acceptance of a position, ostensibly universal,
an acceptance that allows respect from a crowd.

Those who accept believe so readily,
in what they think is a relationship between,
themselves and, what they may be in impossibility,
themselves and what they see in ideology.

I have an inkling to mention, a confusion that I see,
the opiate they feel, is nothing of the type they think,
what draws them back to their agreements profound,
is the acceptance of the group, a contrived respect abound

The acceptance of the group, allows perpetuation of some fictions.
Perpetuation on momentum of bliss, and group support upholds it.
If art imitates life, and takes on a life and its breath,
why not paint a picture of reassurance of the origin of man, and life after death.


We creative minds have a hard time accepting,
what is dictated by another one or group.
We see the merit and possibility,
and profundity of the best parts of their memes.

The problem we have as creative minds,
is acceptance of the other, and the amount of time,
the amount of time it takes for acceptance,
out of contract, if we can even expect it.

We suffer in despair, because the task we chose to work,
we understand it is hard, but value the merit at the core.
We have trouble agreeing with others in subjectivity,
unless they are reasonable and show their productivity.
When we study and recreate, the subtle nuances of life,
we realize that we could never accept the end of another.
While this articulation puts you in touch with observability,
it seems to isolate you from the other and reassurance we so surely need.

In time I believe we start to realize, we have two people innate,
the person you are in yourself, and the person you are for yourself.
There is a battle between the two, that rages on moment to moment,
if you can reconcile the two, the reassurance annihilates the torment.

Instead of looking outward to an unchangeable ideal you can never work, or inquire about
Instead of not knowing, what it is you do not know and trying to annihilate the academics to invert belief, and reason,
Take charge of yourself, evaluate your mind, construct your production, and level yourself in congruence,
Work your model, gain consistency, and take full credit for the growth and reassurance that you gain from the other within your mind.

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