Education for Morality

Starting like animals,
with evolutionary moral impressions,
our context in time,
changes rapidly, and significantly.

Education, for money alone,
does not address a panoply of moral situations.
Not knowing, what you do not know,
a fatal blow, with an unknown effect.

An ill prudent exclusionist can seem sincere and authentic.
This person can have the nicest representative self-imaginable.
If they fail to be critical of the macro imposition and the implications,
their exhibition of “authenticity” is a display of ignorance.

They feel confidence in a lifestyle unchecked,
how can you fail if you never try.
You live your life in an apathetic, unexamined existence,
using ego to reify choices made by submission.

When you submit to another, or many others,
you fail to take responsibility for yourself.
In your submission you are essentially saying,
these decisions are better than what I could achieve.

Negate your will, rule yourself out,
pass responsibility off to other leaders.
Argue passing responsibility is the responsible thing to do,
many times an ill studied decision, saving one from growth.

The Chinese understood hundreds of years ago,
in a lesson that would be good for American Post-Modernists:
rationality and moral value are growth in a never ending education,
changing with time, to produce the most virtuous individuals,
never isolate a group or an idea completely, and make it unquestionable.
Open to growth, you can keep in check that monster called ego.

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