Republican Monkey

Republicans do not want freedom
What they say and what they do is ambiguous
They want you to do what they say
Regardless of the rights you had yesterday

What I think is funny is they do not know
They do not know their split agenda
Their agenda that says they want you to be free
The way they tell you to be

Republicans, Republicans, could you ever imagine
A government of the people
A government by the people
A government for the people

You never can because you believe
The only way the people survive
Is by your feigned strong arm stance
And your multi million dollar companies

Corporations first
That feeds the people
Health is big business
Fuck the feeble

They should have health insurance
It is not your fault they are so ignorant
As long a you are taken care of
The rest just becomes unimportant

One day when I am bored
I’m going to drop two Republicans in a fish bowl
One day just for laughs
I sit back and watch them attack

I’ll watch them fight to the death
For nothing more than space for their heads
There need not be anything useful
Just a stubborn ignorance

I’m gonna buy a monkey
And elect him president
At least then I could laugh at him in a suit
And laugh when he throws feces from the podium

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