Everything is not Nothing

Live in mobility,
die quickly.

Ignorance preserves the body;
masturbation is healthy.

Truth is despair,
ego turns the deaf ear.

To know everything, is not to know nothing,
such implications are ridiculous.
To know nothing is to know nothing,
even as far as to not know what you know is not something.

Asceticism the enemy,
in everything.

Knowledge saves the group,
pragmatism and imagination.

Failure contingent,
upon a structure that is immanent.

To know nothing, augments accountability.
Your chance to work is thrown away.
Trying to know, pursuit of the responsible,
Failure given, but exhibiting a positive outward symbol.

Ask yourself about accountability in ignorance,
Ask yourself about your accountability for what you do not know.
The universe is vastly undiscovered, and yet unknown,
but it is fair to judge you by what is shown, in your possibility.

If you choose to remain ignorant in a sensual orgasm,
and you cause harm to another in your ill contemplated decisions,
though you had no intention of harming another consciously,
the negative effects of your actions reverberate out contingently.

If you had the chance to deliberate about your choice,
yet you chose to masturbate;
If you had the choice to study your decision,
yet you chose to pursue sensual pleasure;

If you are prudent, and you fail still,
universal limitations are to blame.
If you put forth an effort, and the effects are negative,
your effort exhonorates you, and your failure arguable.

I am convinced war is the result of ignorance,
in modern days.
Land acquisition a thing of the past,
global communication will enhance the chance for peace.

Asceticism the enemy of everything,
everything nihilistic, or imaginative.

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