Your God is My Insanity

In sanity you will know and understand
Insanity goes off without a plan

Without a plan actions are arbitrary
Arbitrary and absurd
Absurd by comparison
The talking cure

Just imagine, just imagine
If you believed you were made out of glass
Imagine if you became paranoid
The slightest bump would cause you to crack

Containing content
Infinite possibilities
Changing current

The framework helps you perceive your being
But what you frame lets them see
Then they can judge you next to the standard
The social standard of how to be

Fuck them if they try to stretch or exaggerate
Who you are and what you try to do
Fuck them if they try to impose their rubric
As the only right way for you

You are you
They are them
I am me
We are we
God is us
We are us
God is we
God is me

I am God

Let me be clear, here
I am my God in sanity
My position is clear, here
Your God is my insanity
Fuck them

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