Walter Kaufmann

“The bifurcation of the world is always rooted in a prior bifurcation of mankind and man. Wherever two worlds have been postulated, man was first divided into two parts- senses and reason, body and soul, phenomenon and noumenon, and often there were also thought to be two kinds of men: the mass and the elite.”

(Critique of Religion and Philosophy, Walter Kaufmann, Plato’s Vision of Man, pg.39)

Do we dare say, without bifurcation we cannot play?
While virtue seems to lye, in a careful contemplation,
of a realization of being, in a ubiquitous nature,
it seems to me this is possible without polar annihilation.

We do not have to pass,
through the opposites,
but now we know the poles,
it is more difficult to grow.

Analogue trap
Universe in hand

Ostensibly, and seemingly, existentialism and positivism,
are not necessary steps in the achievement of wisdom.
While our natural history has a concatenate order,
we should not assume this is the only path to freedom.

As a philosopher I despise excessive bifurcation by the obtuse,
excessive annihilation of diplomacy, and reason by those few…..who lead.
My physiology shows, I do not have to know pain, in order to orgasm,
my psychology shows that I am contingent upon my chemical balance.

Now the bifurcations are many, and permeate our possibility,
we have to weed it out, accept when it is used by necessity.
There is concepts in truth that require the polar ideal,
but when we find another way, ignorance must disintegrate.


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