Compete or Conform

Compete or conform,
submit or negate,
contained or maintained;
Stare through the bars, at your freedom beyond your reach…

Master or slave,
authority or minority,
possession and obsession,
Beyond your imagination, stars, stellar omnipresence, and reason…

Divide your opportunity,
maximize your masturbation,
inflate your sensual pleasure,
life is one, instead of permeation.

Soon I will be free,
of worrying about you anymore,
Soon I will be free,
of the pain I have suffered clearing a way forward.

I am tired of coaxing,
tired of trying to help,
I am tired of bleeding my heart in pain,
To free you from your division within containment.

Go ahead and fail,
masturbate in selfishness,
be altruistic in vanity,
be philanthropic in sympathy,
egoistic in pity,
impossible in empathy,
narcissistic in charity.

Your eyes are open, but you are only a symbol,
a symbol of the person you could have been,
a person that put value in work and study of the self,
a person who would understand a life beyond your senses.

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