I have been accused of being too rational.
As if there was ever such a thing.
I do not believe that it is possible,
to over rationalize anything.

I do want people to understand,
I do believe in emotion.
I think it takes two minds,
and each has its own time.

To me, in certain situations,
people just neglect to be critical.
They do not want to stir the path,
of what makes them comfortable.

I also do not want to disturb your way,
but there is something that you should understand.
Your lack of critical analysis shows,
how you can believe what you think you know.

But lets be clear, agnosticism is a viable position.
You do not have to make a decision.
When the facts are short, and the claims immense,
it is realistic for you to remain agnostic.

I personally do not care if you invert logic and belief.
You must understand the implications of your plan.
Just because you say something with force,
does not make what you say any more true than a madman.

What I do care about is when you act like you know.
When you have nothing to show, but an inflated ego.
I do not mind if you want to retreat into your social opiate.
But do not insult my intelligence with what you “know”.

Scrutiny is the test of the opposite of madmen.
Objectivity is the closest we will ever come to truth.
If your fantasy ethic is more important to you,
that is fine but do not try to make me a fool.

You are in a precarious situation.
Your zealousness affirms my suspicions.
Take the tolerance you can get right now.
Do not let your arrogance push you out of bounds.

I believe in rationality first, when possible.
Emotions should definitely have their say.
But when somebody says to you, “Hey, A=A!”
You should not dare say, “I believe you are insane.”

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