Blinded by Consumerism

Mere survival and status, a blinding light in your face,
while off in the distance, a warm glow is beckoning.

Injected social constructs,
rubrics that define your pleasure,
A pleasure that is a distraction,
a distraction from the warmth.

Your God is not my reference.
Your picture could never touch the true essence.

That first cause in ubiquity,
is the beauty which capitalistic consumerism destroys.
While universality calls out in a subtle whisper,
survival demands a heavy footed duty to a belligerent construct.

I know to be free, survival must be made easy.
I know this imposition is a constant struggle.
You cannot feed your imperative understanding,
until you can feed the demons of your necessary being.

Survival is necessary; necessary to exist.
Once under control, move your gaze to the whisper.
Listen to the undercurrent; the undercurrent of advice.
Try to be yourself, in an ubiquitous exhibition of warmth.

Your mind is a musical instrument,
universality and social connection your song,
Compose your reverberation of the essence in itself.
Be a clear lens, with no distortions or artifacts to contradict the display.

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