To Be, and to Perceive

Rationality, free thought, academics, and individuality:
These are some fundamental ideas of a conscious being.

Do not hinder or steer the path away from these,
fundamental progressions we need to reach our unity.

Knowledge is not possible, because it implies perception.
What we believe is to know, is being in itself.
Since this is something we can never ever be in this time,
we have to settle for high probability, and repeatability in science.

The truth of the matter is, knowledge can never exist.
Anything that is perceivable cannot be considered known,
because to be is to be, and to desire to know is to perceive.
Knowledge is a concept for the convergence of God and man in universality.

Probability, and phenomenology are what we have right now.
We also have the God of everything coaxing our drive to be.

He wants us to prove his existence profound,
to overcome the ultimate obstacle abound.

He wants us to pass the universal test,
and we can be triumphant with him in synthesis.
He will perceive us, and we will know him,
after much suffering there must be a final ecstatic zenith.

Convergence is what we seek in our progress,
Somehow, we know universally, but
God cannot perceive until we bring it forward,
so he can understand, his consciousness is man.

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