Altruism in Realism

As monotony bears down on my mind and eyes
My brain melts away like a modern glacier
I rush to catch it in a jar
Then I can evaluate the nature of things

Things that linger in my subconscious
Looking through the jar, I spot anomalies
Should I try to erase their influence
Should I forget who I used to be

The jar
The tool

Desire to question to build the intellect
Not to have an answer, but to understand more
When you know, you understand, the answer is nothing
Nothing more than your anthropocentric core

Don’t despair in the realization of reality in your life
Don’t despair when your insignificance is known
If you’re going to sacrifice, offer to your fellow man
Make a difference here and now, this is your home


Your neighbor is your god and you are his
Altruism in realism in the context of society
Mankind is the great power, the only one we know
The only one we need, the only true love we show

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