Indicate and Participate

Philosophy as pragmatic education
Consensus as real knowledge
Unconscious tendencies exposed
Universally innate controls

Actions calculated
Valuable knowledge

We have two different ways to collect a general consensus
Unconscious, and conscious, yielding invaluable statistics
I think the unconscious consensus provides untainted,
the most valuable information as yet to be accurately collected

When asked directly, “Would you do this, or that?”
Your answer is likely to be different
Different from what you would do when not being observed
These are the truths that are most valuable to your freedom

I think that the people have no idea consciously
What it is they want exactly
So asking them to vote yes or no
Or asking them to have ideas to show
Seems like a difficult proposition
And might seem counter productive

In a large database of ignorance and knowledge
Popularity can decide about what to use
The highest and lowest ranks evolving importance
Define the general articulated will of the participants

Total participation equals totally perfect ideology
Though impossible to obtain perfectly
Even in imperfection the implication is consensual
A chance for the people to indicate, and participate

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