Nuance and the Contrived

Be free, be free, the way we want you to be.
Get out and vote Republican to be American.

Democrats, oh Democrats can never be resolute,
authoritarianism annihilates humanism with egoistic refute.

I am convinced while viewing the American duopoly,
there is a better way to live than Republican democracy.

We have to find a way, to bring the nuance to the surface,
we have to show them some are better, but a killer is a killer.

What is the difference,
death with good intent,
or death from zealousness?

A body is a body,
ask any family member.

Killed by lack of prudence,
or tradition neurosis,

A body is a body,
a bag, a box, or in a river.

Some religions reflect fundamental humanism.
They reflect it better than others.
But none are free from ambiguity,
and they destroy the critical ability.

Different types of people, clashing head to head.
They are willing to die, for something someone said.
If they could think for themselves, like the Democrats do,
maybe the universal humanism might have a chance to shine through.

Democrats do not seem to have a direction,
they can not agree on anything it seems,
you should understand this is a reflection of the truths in life,
it is more complex than foot stomping, and belief.

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