Contradiction, and elaboration
A photon is present, or a photon is not
Inescapable dichotomy inherent in reality;
This realization is both useful and necessary.


Some want to eliminate all dichotomy and opposition.
Some want to illuminate change, and evaluation.
We should realize a scale that moves in another direction.
We should realize both ideas work together in unison.

Situation #1 will ask a question, a question which is true or false.
Imagine two boxes, side by side, one contains a photon and one does not.
An affirmation of presence is given by a space predefined,
while another space provides a negation, because no photon is inside.

True and false seems easily derived from situations such as these.
If we look at life closer, we see this only counts for very little of what we see.

Imagine the same scenario, and you begin with a prejudice of a true or false result.
One box is filled with 1000 photons, and the other filled with only one.
Negation becomes impossible in an axiomatic desire fulfilled,
Evaluation becomes paramount, and satisfaction impossible in mathematical will.

Emotion is created out of failure of human calculation.
Dealing with an unknowable infinitive immeasurable.
Another dichotomy inherent, which cannot be annihilated,
objectivity, and subjectivity, a bridge between two universes.

Mankind, mankind, a biological antenna for information discovery.
Your body is like the dust, and water, stimulated by the energy.
Two universes clash together, like gears of space, time, and information.
Two universes communicating in a profoundly integrated conversation.

The lack we feel in reconciliation of infinity in math,
Zeno and his cosmic tickling of our funny bones,
the failure of the square to measure the circle,
the failure to stop exclusion leading to war,
the failure of science to bring it to an end,
the failure of religion, to produce a peaceful earth,

Instead of saying all things are changing, and dichotomy a disease,
Instead of saying everything is true and false, this is how value is perceived,
those who understand where and when each value is to be used,
are the genius inventors of a reasonable ataraxia to be gained in our future

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