Character, Not Duty

The unexamined life is not worth living.
There is virtue to be understood in character.
Instinct for procreation and survival, for you and your fellow man,
and second level inferences we hold confidently, and understand.

The secret, the secret to a satisfaction profound,
understand virtue of character, not of duty or crowns.
A good man knows, he understands without being shown,
his goodness comes from character, not from demands imposed.

Understand value,
be truly just,
be altruistic and compassionate,
but do it because you want.

Those slaves who submit become altruistic through prescription.
We should not value them as a compassionate one who is authentic.
The truth in goodness comes from a search within,
not a surrender to a group ideal, contrived out of selfishness.

Once you surrender, to a rubric beyond your heart,
once you give up your first level choice,
you can never claim your good deed as your own,
you are a failure, reliant, dependant, and a slave to be told.

Compassion from character,
no religious surrender,
you have an innate goodness to be learned,
by looking within, your value will be sincere.


Diversity….and true value.

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