The World and Particular Failures

There are some impositions of form, our desires will not let us escape.
There are some human tendencies that are only changed evolutionarily.

The desire for attachment;
The desire to know;
The desire to believe;
To believe we are right……as individuals.

This a priori form has been thrust upon us.
We have no choice in the matter, do not kid yourself.
It is what it is, regardless of what you think.
The content flushed through the form, is what you are responsible for.

Human desire dictates the need to be correct.
Survival depends on the tools of contradiction.

Human desire dictates the need to be correct.
Seek universality as a true qualitative initiation.

Universality transcends any particular paradigm of history,
that colors the content of the imposition of form;
the imposition of form that drives the basic laws of our existence,
and is the ground by which your true content subsists.

Let me clear the fog, lift the haze and polish the lens.
I want to make a point:

When two people of different universes collide and debate,
one may say, “ You want to tolerate, all moderate positions.”
”…and you believe that is the “right” way to live.”
“I think you have no values, and you wont face the obvious implications.”
”I believe my way is the “right” way to live.”

In either position, that fundamental human form of desire,
to believe one is right and yields his powers of contradiction well,
does not mean that both essences exhibit the same levels of truth.
It does not mean there is a true standoff on level ground to fight.

Let us weigh the truth of these stagnant, hackneyed positions.
Let us point out the truth about the truth inherent in these positions.

The tolerant understand, to draw people together in a universal plan.
The tolerant understand, we can move toward peace with this stand.
What the tolerant do not get, is the imposition of the desire to know.
What the tolerant do not perceive is that inescapable desire to be…..right.

How can one be right, if one must constantly concede?
How can one hold on, if one is far far too free.

They hold one part of the truth, a conscious desire to tamp down,
to tolerate views that can necessarily be tolerated for the group to grow.

This piece of truth should taken for what it is, a tool for peace,
but let us address the fundamental desire to know what is right.

If you want to be right in truth, you have to concede your core to a universal truth.
When you do this, the harshest authoritarianism can be justified for a larger group.
Saving the group from the selfish subordinating desires of power hungry essences,
is a priori defined in the laws of the universe, beyond our choice and subjective minds.

The major problem with the “values” crowd, is that their “values” are particular.
They draw arbitrary circles that reflect their paradigm, and flavors in time,
then demand you make them your universal, or you will be killed in a state of war.
They demand you make their particular universal, or you will be killed.

The form is useful, but the content contradictory.
One cannot force particularity.
Since we as humans cannot understand this yet,
the tolerant are forced to mediate.

Both plans hold their claims to truth and particularity,
but neither is universal, and offers no end to the war.

Eat, drink, sleep and breath,
no matter what color or size you emerge to be.
This is right! This is right!
You cannot deny, or you should die.
You should die, for the sake of the group.
You cannot be allowed to lie, anymore.
Either side, and both sides,
Be ready to compromise,
Or legislate your own death sentence.

Legislate your own death sentence. You have my blessing.

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