True Money

It’s sad, it’s sad
It’s so sad but true
It’s so sad but true that we are incessantly lied to
Lied to, lied to, over and over again
About money, cars, houses and friends

They told me, they told me
Over and over again
Money can buy houses, and cars
Money can buy boats, and land
But money can never buy you friends

God dammit! You’re all so full of shit! Aaargh!

I learned first hand, and on the first hand I learned
I learned empirically that it pays well
It pays so well to have rich friends

Rich friends that can afford
To go where their imaginations soar

I’m happy for you, and your friends with no money
I’m happy that you’re content sitting around watching TV
While you’re doing that, my rich friend and I
Will fly out of the country, high high and over the sea

While you build your friendships in bars, and living rooms
My friend and I will take the Hummer Limo for a cruise

We’ll go to exotic places with white sand beaches
At no cost to me, and quite a bit of gains to see

Money can’t buy friends? Money can’t buy happiness?
You’re so full of shit parents of the world!

Hear me now, you painters of a self-defeating psyche
Hear me now you perpetuators of the ignorant ideal
Money buys happiness, experience, and great friends
Money buys comfort, confidence, and healthy relationships

Go cry in your drinks you envious, jealous bastards!

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