A Place to Go

The mind is a perfect mathematical machine
Producing arguments to make these decisions
Instinct drives us to be violent and calm
We have no control over these tendencies
We’ve got our positives and negatives to live
We’ve got instinctive mathematical perfection
The organic form itself is not a perfect machine
It works fine for what it does but there’s something missing
There’s physical deformities as well you know
Nature’s technology is still learning daily
Slowly evolving us into the perfect beings
Mother nature’s unintentional suicide
Creating her demise through overconfident minds
Living her life span like you or I
Time is the predator of all things existing
Time is a the master of our entire universe
Time is the constant, everything else is a factor
Time will still exist without consciousness of comprehension
If you believe to have matter you must have antimatter
Then to have a universe timed means there must exist
A universe that’s not timed and free of it’s grip
No day or night or months or years
No birthdays or Christmas or holidays
No life or death as we’ve come to know
Just an infinite existence and another place to go

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